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The Iconic Origin

The amazing @PhilCrozier captured the turning point in Uropa's career when yarn took over!

"at one point yarn was my only option"

Fresh out of theatre school and thrown into the Toronto drag scene on a cafe budget, Uropa remembers staring at her sketchbook with no idea of how to be that girl looking back at her, hair body-length and billowing. It was her tenacity that lead her to redefine what hair could be.

"Once I realized buying thousands of dollars of human hair was out of the question I had to ask myself, what am I willing to give up to make my dreams come true?"

The answer was, her expectations of what good hair should be.

"I almost despaired that my art would never become real until it clicked and I said... wait a minute... I wanted body-length billowing hair... who said it needed to be what people expected?

With that first wig, Uropa discovered a medium that had since been untapped.

"I realized that so much could be done with yarn but that no one would be able to help me because know-one had tried it before. Then I thought... maybe I could be that for everyone else?"

since then her creations have become the defining piece of her drag and through her art she has gathered a community of fellow yarn wig makers and fans to her. Her unparalleled knowledge of lace-construction and her artistic eye have lead to her iconic photoshoot with @PhilCrozier as we celebrate the fruits of 2021 lock-down labour.

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